What Makes A Good Circular Table Saw?

In today’s article, we would like to explain in a few words what makes the best 7 inch wet tile saw blade and how to recognize it.

First of all, it should be mentioned that the ability to make precise cuts should be a basic requirement for every circular saw bench. For this purpose, the saw should have various fences (rip fence, angle fence, cross fence etc.) that can be adjusted exactly and guided easily.

In every workshop where wood is processed, the circular table saw should of course not be missing. With it, precise cuts in light and solid wood can be carried out easily.  But not all circular saw tables are the same. The choice of the right model should always be based on the requirements at hand. For example, a small compact saw is a good alternative for the hobby workshop or wherever it is used as a mobile unit. However, a mobile version will never achieve the performance and quality of a large sliding table saw.

If a compact table saw is sufficient for the work to be done, please make sure that it is sturdily built and has a firm stand when you buy it. Especially with inexpensive saws, many parts of the housing are made of plastic. Although this has the advantage that the table saw is easier to transport due to its lightweight, it is less torsion-resistant than the full metal version.

To ensure that woodworking is as accurate as possible and that precise cuts can be made, the circular table saw should have stable and easily adjustable stops. By using stops, even multiple cuts can be made quickly and easily.

If the circular table saw has a table extension, even particularly large workpieces can be processed. When using the extensions, the fixed or folding versions should be preferred to the extendable ones, as the extendable ones are less stable in most cases. Of course, the choice of the right saw blade also has a great influence on the cutting result. Therefore, in addition to a selection of saw blades, roller blocks and a stable base for the circular saw table should be included in the planning.

Let us now turn to the performance of the saw. When sawing rather thin wood, motor outputs of 1200 to 1500 watts are usually sufficient. However, if thick beams or hardwood are to be processed, the circular table saw should have a power consumption of 2000 to 3000 watts.

As already mentioned, a compact version is recommended for mobile use. This should have a 230 Volt alternating current connection so that the device can be used anywhere. For stationary circular table saws, however, a version with a 400-volt three-phase motor is recommended. These models are more powerful, but also require a three-phase connection.

In Brief

Select the circular table saw so that it is suitable for the desired work. For example, a mobile saw is hardly suitable for building a 2-meter high wardrobe. Portable circular table saws, on the other hand, are super suitable for use in different places.

When buying the saw, make sure that it has a high stability and torsion-resistant construction. In addition, various fences and, ideally, a table extension should be included in the scope of delivery.

If the circular table saw does not have a base frame as standard, you should procure this separately in order to achieve a comfortable working height when sawing.