Care of the Bonsai: Watering Bonsai trees

Watering is one of the most important and frequent practices in the cultivation of Bonsai, requires few rules, but essential for the proper growth of the tree.

There is no fixed rule for watering our Bonsai, there are many factors that affect this operation: the climate, the type of tree, the quality of the land, etc.. Some prefer a soil that is always moist, others need it to rise between one watering and the next. Usually you have to proceed with watering when the soil is dry to the touch.

In summer, we prefer to water in the evening, so that the roots have all night to absorb the water and nutrients. If we did this during the day, the heat of the sun would evaporate the water in a short time and the soil could dry up without the roots having absorbed what they need. An alternative would be to water early in the morning. Watering under the scorching sun should be avoided. In winter, however, you should not water in the evening in order to avoid freezing the roots for night frosts.

How much water?

It is essential to understand the right amount of water to give to the Bonsai. Watering must be constant and abundant so that all the soil is impregnated with water.

Excess water is much more difficult to recover than a poorly watered plant. In the case of a plant that is too watered, the leaves are light green and the tips black.

A plant that is not very watered has poor growth, some branches dry out and the tips of the leaves become dry.


The soil used inflicts directly on the watering. A very draining soil will dry up before a little draining, therefore it will be necessary to give water more frequently. If you have problems of time not being able to guarantee close watering, it is advisable to use, therefore, a little draining soil, where there is universal soil or sphagnum.


nebulizeSome species need a high level of moisture that we can achieve, in addition to keeping the soil moist, nebulizing the canopy. A good management of the tree we could have it by spraying the canopy early in the morning and watering in the evening (if the plant needs). Avoid spraying when the Bonsai is in the sun, the leaves may burn due to the slow effect of water droplets.

The nebulization can also be useful to remove some pests such as red spider that does not like moisture. On the contrary, however, it may favour the attack of fungi, especially in particularly hot and humid periods.

How to water?

Probably the best way to water our Bonsai is from above with a classic watering can. To avoid holes in the soil you can let the water slide gently on the trunk, making sure that all the land is evenly wetted.

Alternatively you can water our Bonsai by immersion, just get a container, put us inside our tree and fill it with water up to about one centimeter below the level of the pot. Let it soak for about thirty minutes or at least until you see all the soil wet. In this way the roots will take the water they need, there will be no holes in the ground and the soil will soak evenly.